Béla Kotroczó

 freelance artist

Nationality:      hungarian

Country:          Hungary

City:               Budapest


 Work experience:

          2009-     Freelance concept artist and modeler

concept arts, models, textures, storyboards,                                                       film layouts, architectural and industrial                                                             visualizations, illustrations, game covers, info screens

       2004-2009.  Blackhole Entertainment (Budapest)

concept art (enviroment, vehicle), enviroment and weapon                                   model, texture 

2003-2004. IO-Interactive  (Copenhagen)

concept art (enviroment)

 2002-2003. Artex Entertaintment  (Budapest)

concept art (enviroment, vehicle), enviroment and vehicle                                 model 

 2000-2002. Philos Laboratories (Budapest)

concept art (enviroment, vehicle), enviroment and vehicle model, texture  



  o        2D Artist Magazine  2012 october - spaceship concept

o        SFCALR Magazine  2013 may - scifi images

o        Mark Of Chaos:The Collected Concept Art  2006 - fantasy concepts and


Other works: storyboards, layouts, architectural visualizations, illustrations,

                     game covers, info screens

 Skills:           Photoshop, Painter, 3DS Max, Maya, Sculptris, Mudbox